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Dataset Stories!

Legal Clause Classification

We often see hundreds of contracts or tenders coming up for review. In law firms we usually come across many tenders and their described contents and the first thing we do is to identify from which clause it comes from. So to build a clause identification model we need to have data, which needs to be annotated according to the required clauses. 

Resume NER

To avoid the delays and enhance the efficiency in the HR field, we need to automate this process to focus on more important sections in less time. How can we automate the resume screening process? By using Natural Language Processing techniques, we can create a model/system to automate the process. If we want to build an accurate and effective model, we need a proper Resume Named Entity Recognition annotated dataset.

Intent Classification Dataset

The intent classification dataset is used for classifying the intention of a text/ sentence. In the intent classification dataset, every text/sentence of the dataset is associated with one or more corresponding intent labels. This intent Classification Dataset has different kinds of sentences such as questions, suggestions, feedback, etc. about different products.

Car Brand/Model Detection Dataset

Car brand and model detection is a computer vision based model/system that can provide incredible value while doing car monitoring/tracking and detection. Nowadays many industries use this kind of vehicle brand/ model detection such as transportation, security, marketing and law enforcement, etc. Car brand and model detection is an important part in many real-time applications for example automatic vehicle surveillance, traffic management, driver assistance systems, traffic behavior analysis, and traffic monitoring, etc.

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